Friday, October 9, 2009

Busy bee!

And that is what Mom has called me a busy be. 
and that I am!

I got my blackberry last night, and could not love it more, i do not know how I`ve lived with out it! I already get the jist of the whole thing and put music on it! YES! So i pretty much lovelovelove it!!!

What else? I work pretty much every day except wednsday`s, which is good and bad. It will call for a really good pay check! On the other hand, it will cause my super busyness and lack of time to see friends. However, I always make time for them no worries!

I went out driving around with my friend Monica on Wednesday, that was fun. On that particular day I had 4 coffee`s, I do love my coffee, but that seems a little much. Oh well I did kinda sleep that night. I really don`t sleep anyways, facebook causes insomnia, hah. 

I am working today 2-7, so I must do my laundry.

Sorry for the bad blogging.


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