Friday, October 9, 2009

Busy bee!

And that is what Mom has called me a busy be. 
and that I am!

I got my blackberry last night, and could not love it more, i do not know how I`ve lived with out it! I already get the jist of the whole thing and put music on it! YES! So i pretty much lovelovelove it!!!

What else? I work pretty much every day except wednsday`s, which is good and bad. It will call for a really good pay check! On the other hand, it will cause my super busyness and lack of time to see friends. However, I always make time for them no worries!

I went out driving around with my friend Monica on Wednesday, that was fun. On that particular day I had 4 coffee`s, I do love my coffee, but that seems a little much. Oh well I did kinda sleep that night. I really don`t sleep anyways, facebook causes insomnia, hah. 

I am working today 2-7, so I must do my laundry.

Sorry for the bad blogging.


Saturday, October 3, 2009

Bad Blogger?

That I am... A bad blogger. =[

Sorry for my lack of blogging, but hey I`ve been busy.

Anyways, not to to much has happened, let`s see I got payed woo! I worked yesterday and the day before. I was supposed to today, but called in "sick". I really didn`t feel well, my time of the month, and I felt like I was going to throw up. There`s a bug going around my house we think so I wanted to lay low and fight off whatever it was. I did however go to lunch with Mom and Paul, we went to Charlie Horse. I got potato skins, yumm!

What else?? OH!! We got verizon fi os today, so I now have over 300 channel`s in my room. I got lifetime movie network, and all sorts of good stuff. It also came with a free month of HBO, so I am enjoying that.

I`m getting a new cell phone tomorrow, yay!!!! My phone sucks, i`be had it two years, and well it has been good, I do love it, I love it`s full keyboard and all the texting it`s let me do. Except the past 4 month`s. It shuts off by itself, so I always miss my calls and text`s, it`s sooo annoying. So tomorrow is the day I pick my next phone. I have a lot of option`s in mind, and I`m super excited!!!

Ok, so this has been on my mind. As much as I do love working at Target, it has so much drama. Like I hate how guys always go for the girls that look easy and sluty. Maybe they should give the girls that are actually interested in a relationship and worth getting to know. Like if I dressed and acted like a slut/ got like lip piercing`s I`d probably get the same attention... but I don`t cause I don`t want to be known as being a slut. I just want a nice boyfriend interested in me other then just hitting the bed. I am only 17, so I`m sure I`ll find one, but oh well.

Well I think that`s all my news...

I`m going out with my friend Monica wednesday and that should be fun, since she drives and I don`t have to rely on my Mom slash be able to go where we want!

I`m off probably going to watch Grey`s Anatomy season 3 later. Also enjoy my HBO and lifetime movie network in my room!!! Only bad thing I have to re learn all my channel`s cause there all different.

Tootles. =]

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Shop Till You Drop? =]

And that is exactly what I did today with Mom...
We shopped until we dropped... =]

We went to Target, Marshall`s, and Macy`s. Doesn`t seem like a lot, but we spent about 5 hours shopping. I ended up with a ton of stuff, Mom not so much. That`s ok, she didn`t find anything she really liked, so why waste money???

Me on the other hand, I did not spend much at all today, I bought our coffee and lunch. Mom bought my clothe`s and a new comforter! I re did my room, cause we moved a few month`s ago, and finally found a comforter I love. Right now the sheet`s are in the washing machine, so I can put my new bed together. However, it is white so I am nervous about that. White and I don`t mix well. It has blue and yellow too. So hopefully I`ll be fine. It came with this super pretty sequin pillows, and I love glittery things. It`s very me!

Mom also bought me 2 new sweater`s, as I have gained 70 pounds since last winter. Not that I didn`t need this weight, but 65 pounds would have been enough hehe. I also got a fleece fall jacket. I was going to get a NorthFace one, but that one was $200, and mine was $30, so you tell me???

At Target Mom got a few things, but I got the Wave, and some acne wash. Now my whole life I never had ANY acne. Since the TX I think I have 3 spots, now granted that`s really good, I still don`t want them and will defeat them. =]

Yes Prograf and Prednisone I blame you for this!

What else. OH Mom got her nails done, I was going to get mine done, but there was one lady working and we would have been there until tomorrow. I bought the nail polish I was going to use, and I will paint them tomorrow. I don`t work until 1, so I have all morning to pamper myself with a manicure and pedicure.

damn him!
He had an excuse he has the flu. Well granted I do not want to go near anyone sick, so that is fine. I just think he is lying. He did not sound sick. And this is not the first time he cancelled. I have another driving time on the 7th, so if he does not take me out, there will be hell to pay! ;)

Well I think that`s it for today..

So You Think You Can Dance is on tonight. I`ll be watching that, and put my bed together, I`m kind of tired. Hopefully, I`ll get some sleep tonight. I get addicted to Face book and stay up till 3 a.m. on it, haha.

I forgot to mention Mom let me drive today, which is a shocker! She never lets me drive, I had a good excuse, her nails were wet, hehe! =P

That is all...

Goodnight! =]

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cheesecake Day!

Today was definitely Cheesecake day today! I am so full, i could pop...

I had my gyno appointment in Boston this afternoon. Was  my first one, and definitely not as bad as a thought, which is great! Going back in 3 month`s. Needed to go on birth control for my heavy period problem, so no big deal!

Anyways back to the title... On they way home Mom and I stopped for dinner and some shopping at the South Shore Plaza. We went to my second favorite restaurant The Cheesecake Factory. I always get what I usually do. Parmesan Crusted Chicken with spaghetti. Then I did not have cheesecake right after, we did some shopping I got nothing cause I didn`t want to spend money, but it`s fun to walk around. So on the way out I ended up getting 4 piece`s of Cheesecake. I wanted to share with Paul and I walked a piece over to my Grammie`s. Mom had a Red Velvet Cheesecake said it was horrible. Now, I got some apple one, and it`s completely against my morals cause I ALWAYS get banana cream, but I have to say it was pretty damn good, and now my officially my 2nd favorite!!!! Paul ended up with the Banana so of course I did get a bit. Then Grammie got the tiramisu one, and she was happy I brought it over.

So after we ate we went shopping. Well funny thing. You know how they have those carts in the middle of the mall harassing people to buy cosmetic`s and such. Well they tried to talk my mom into $200 cream, that was "magical", it apparently would take away wrinkles, and everything you don`t like about you`re face FOREVER! I mean forever wow! If it was that good why wouldn`t it have a store, I mean please. Well they had this one cool thing, and no i did not buy it, but it was an eye shadow, add water it`s blush, add I forgot what she said it`s lipgloss, and add clear nail polish and you have that color nail polish. Weird you can put it all over you`re face and nails, oh well it was a fun adventure.

Hmm, I think that`s it. The Hills and The City is on tonight, woo!  I also have driving time tomorrow "supposedly" 1-3. I say supposedly because the guy I got to Mr. Lennon, is either 2 hrs late, or never comes! Here`s the example, I`m trying to get my license I only need to go with him 4 more times. So Friday I finally got time with him from 3-5, I was so happy. Well he called at 2 saying on a voicemail "if you can`t be ready in a half an hour we can`t go, call me back". So I did, he didn`t pick up, I called again and HIS PHONE WAS OFF! It stayed off the whole damn day, I was furious. He better not flake tomorrow... =]

Well, that`s it for today..


Monday, September 28, 2009

Boring Monday.

So the title says it all....

Today was pretty much a bore....

I worked most of the day, which is good for the paycheck! I got up on food avenue for a bit which is good. I know it sounds like food avenue would suck, but it really doesn`t. I like it wayyyy better then cashiering. So hopefully I`ll get more time there, I only got 15 mintue`s up there today cause I was covering a break for someone. No exciting adventure`s at Target today. No screaming people, no cat litter being thrown, no little obnoxious children, it was just bla!

Haha, well my Mom got a Facebook this morning! I thought it was pretty funny! I helped her on it a bit, but she`s got the hang of it. =]
We were supposed to do some shopping this morning, but we both fell victim`s to Facebook, and ran late. So we did some shopping after work. I ended up with 2 pairs of 5$ sweat pant`s, woo! I needed sweat pant`s and pretty much every other piece f clothing you can think of since i`ve gained 70 pounds since last winter. Due to being healty/ hungry, and of course damn you prednisone munchie`s. LOL.

So my plans for tonight.
- Watch some House on Dvd.
- Cure my munchie`s.
- Watch my favorite show Gossip Girl.
- Watch Lincoln Height`s.
- Talking online.
- Pretty much chilling. =]

Tomorrow is my first Gyno appointment ew! So not excited for this, but after Mom and I are going to The South Shore Plaza to do some shopping, and enjoy lunch at Cheesecake Factory, compliment`s to E.b. who gave me a lovely gift card while she was her on he visit from Florida.! Yes, babygirll I will have Banana Cream Cheesecake for you since it`s you`re fav and mine!!!

Well that`s it for me, for today.

Hope all my TX friend`s are doing fabulous and training for the 2011 TX Games in Sweden! =]

Tootles! <333

Sunday, September 27, 2009

First Post.

Ok, so the people reading this are probably my online friends or friends in real life, but for those who are new. Well first thanks for reading this and second I have so much to catch up on, I wish I had done this whole blog thing before, but I didn`t. I guess better late then never! =]

So I`m, Cassie well my name is Cassandra, but I don`t like being called that. I am 17 year`s old, and wanted to start this blog on my life being POST TRANSPLANT! I got 2 shiny new lungs January 22nd, 2009. I am a little over 8 month`s out!! woo hoo go me! I suffered from CF my whole life, and got listed last summer desperately in need of new lungs, and I got my wish! I know I should have started this blog pre TX, but I didn`t. I really wish I had, but I`m doing it now so it`s all good. As I post I will add more and more info, I just can`t add it all in one. You get the point though. =] ... Yes I do love my smiley face`s!

So today I was talking to a CF friend online and got to thinking. I get this guilt sometimes about me being alive and not other people. I think about my donor, their family, and the way my hospital works 2 people get called for the same pair of lungs. So today as I was chit chatting on my Facebook I was thinking what happened to the other person that got called to the hospital the same night as me? That person went to the hospital with the exact same feeling`s and hopes I did. The difference is I got the lungs that night and they didn`t. So I do know God meant those lungs for me, but still all I can do is hope and pray that person got their`s too! I also feel bad about other my other CF brother`s and sister`s, who don`t even get the chance at the life I got, but I do believe everything happens for a reason. I hope god has some reason for letting me live and not them....

Hm, what else can I talk about. OH! well I work at Target, first job ever and it pretty much sucks. I thought I really wanted a job, cause I could never have one, and I do, I just really don`t like working like every other person in this world lol. I`m a Cashier so it`s always super busy. The only reason I keep myself there is definitely the pay check`s. I also have some great friend`s that I work with. =] ... I have a funny story though.  The other day I was checking this ladies item`s out, there cat litter came up more then she expected. It was like a $10 difference, and I can`t change it without my supervisor. So I called her over the lady pretty much freaked out and blamed target for sucking, shove the cat litter to me and it ripped all over me, in my shoes, and the floor. Guess who had to clean it up? ME! Yupp, so Target always has a new adventure. I was also asked on Friday night to buy this boy`s condom`s haha. 

I want to apologize in advanced for this super long post, but hey it`s my first one!...

I suppose I should talk about my health somewhat. Well I`m at the point where I only need to go to the doctor`s once a month now. PFT`s and x-ray have been stable since TX!!! I have *knocks on wood tons* had no rejection or infection post TX. I feel better than I ever have, and can not be more happy. I do hate the meds with their weird side affect`s and all, but compared to the meds with CF this is a cake walk. Compared to live with CF this is like heaven. Dying with CF is really one of the most horrible things, and now that I know what it feels like to feel "normal" I realize even more how bad I did feel, and how other CFer`s fell! I say normal in quotation`s because to me my life is normal, but to other`s it may not be! I think it`s normal, i`m happy, that`s all that matter`s.

Ok back to life...
I went to the movies last night with one of my best friend`s Suzie, we saw Sorority Row and it was amazing! I do love my horror movie`s, but the best thing was THE NEW MOON MOVIE TRAILER! Yes, I am another crazed Twilight fan. I am so nuts I have my admission ticket to the new moon movie at midnight on November 19th! I am so pumped it`s crazy!

Well I`m off to relax. I`m working tomorrow 12-5, ew lol!

I also want to say to Bree me online friend that I hope you`re feeling great cause she was recently TX`d. 
Then to Courtney who was TX`d 2 days ago!!! Stay strong girl. =]

Goodnight. <333