Saturday, October 3, 2009

Bad Blogger?

That I am... A bad blogger. =[

Sorry for my lack of blogging, but hey I`ve been busy.

Anyways, not to to much has happened, let`s see I got payed woo! I worked yesterday and the day before. I was supposed to today, but called in "sick". I really didn`t feel well, my time of the month, and I felt like I was going to throw up. There`s a bug going around my house we think so I wanted to lay low and fight off whatever it was. I did however go to lunch with Mom and Paul, we went to Charlie Horse. I got potato skins, yumm!

What else?? OH!! We got verizon fi os today, so I now have over 300 channel`s in my room. I got lifetime movie network, and all sorts of good stuff. It also came with a free month of HBO, so I am enjoying that.

I`m getting a new cell phone tomorrow, yay!!!! My phone sucks, i`be had it two years, and well it has been good, I do love it, I love it`s full keyboard and all the texting it`s let me do. Except the past 4 month`s. It shuts off by itself, so I always miss my calls and text`s, it`s sooo annoying. So tomorrow is the day I pick my next phone. I have a lot of option`s in mind, and I`m super excited!!!

Ok, so this has been on my mind. As much as I do love working at Target, it has so much drama. Like I hate how guys always go for the girls that look easy and sluty. Maybe they should give the girls that are actually interested in a relationship and worth getting to know. Like if I dressed and acted like a slut/ got like lip piercing`s I`d probably get the same attention... but I don`t cause I don`t want to be known as being a slut. I just want a nice boyfriend interested in me other then just hitting the bed. I am only 17, so I`m sure I`ll find one, but oh well.

Well I think that`s all my news...

I`m going out with my friend Monica wednesday and that should be fun, since she drives and I don`t have to rely on my Mom slash be able to go where we want!

I`m off probably going to watch Grey`s Anatomy season 3 later. Also enjoy my HBO and lifetime movie network in my room!!! Only bad thing I have to re learn all my channel`s cause there all different.

Tootles. =]

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