Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Shop Till You Drop? =]

And that is exactly what I did today with Mom...
We shopped until we dropped... =]

We went to Target, Marshall`s, and Macy`s. Doesn`t seem like a lot, but we spent about 5 hours shopping. I ended up with a ton of stuff, Mom not so much. That`s ok, she didn`t find anything she really liked, so why waste money???

Me on the other hand, I did not spend much at all today, I bought our coffee and lunch. Mom bought my clothe`s and a new comforter! I re did my room, cause we moved a few month`s ago, and finally found a comforter I love. Right now the sheet`s are in the washing machine, so I can put my new bed together. However, it is white so I am nervous about that. White and I don`t mix well. It has blue and yellow too. So hopefully I`ll be fine. It came with this super pretty sequin pillows, and I love glittery things. It`s very me!

Mom also bought me 2 new sweater`s, as I have gained 70 pounds since last winter. Not that I didn`t need this weight, but 65 pounds would have been enough hehe. I also got a fleece fall jacket. I was going to get a NorthFace one, but that one was $200, and mine was $30, so you tell me???

At Target Mom got a few things, but I got the Wave, and some acne wash. Now my whole life I never had ANY acne. Since the TX I think I have 3 spots, now granted that`s really good, I still don`t want them and will defeat them. =]

Yes Prograf and Prednisone I blame you for this!

What else. OH Mom got her nails done, I was going to get mine done, but there was one lady working and we would have been there until tomorrow. I bought the nail polish I was going to use, and I will paint them tomorrow. I don`t work until 1, so I have all morning to pamper myself with a manicure and pedicure.

damn him!
He had an excuse he has the flu. Well granted I do not want to go near anyone sick, so that is fine. I just think he is lying. He did not sound sick. And this is not the first time he cancelled. I have another driving time on the 7th, so if he does not take me out, there will be hell to pay! ;)

Well I think that`s it for today..

So You Think You Can Dance is on tonight. I`ll be watching that, and put my bed together, I`m kind of tired. Hopefully, I`ll get some sleep tonight. I get addicted to Face book and stay up till 3 a.m. on it, haha.

I forgot to mention Mom let me drive today, which is a shocker! She never lets me drive, I had a good excuse, her nails were wet, hehe! =P

That is all...

Goodnight! =]

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