Monday, September 28, 2009

Boring Monday.

So the title says it all....

Today was pretty much a bore....

I worked most of the day, which is good for the paycheck! I got up on food avenue for a bit which is good. I know it sounds like food avenue would suck, but it really doesn`t. I like it wayyyy better then cashiering. So hopefully I`ll get more time there, I only got 15 mintue`s up there today cause I was covering a break for someone. No exciting adventure`s at Target today. No screaming people, no cat litter being thrown, no little obnoxious children, it was just bla!

Haha, well my Mom got a Facebook this morning! I thought it was pretty funny! I helped her on it a bit, but she`s got the hang of it. =]
We were supposed to do some shopping this morning, but we both fell victim`s to Facebook, and ran late. So we did some shopping after work. I ended up with 2 pairs of 5$ sweat pant`s, woo! I needed sweat pant`s and pretty much every other piece f clothing you can think of since i`ve gained 70 pounds since last winter. Due to being healty/ hungry, and of course damn you prednisone munchie`s. LOL.

So my plans for tonight.
- Watch some House on Dvd.
- Cure my munchie`s.
- Watch my favorite show Gossip Girl.
- Watch Lincoln Height`s.
- Talking online.
- Pretty much chilling. =]

Tomorrow is my first Gyno appointment ew! So not excited for this, but after Mom and I are going to The South Shore Plaza to do some shopping, and enjoy lunch at Cheesecake Factory, compliment`s to E.b. who gave me a lovely gift card while she was her on he visit from Florida.! Yes, babygirll I will have Banana Cream Cheesecake for you since it`s you`re fav and mine!!!

Well that`s it for me, for today.

Hope all my TX friend`s are doing fabulous and training for the 2011 TX Games in Sweden! =]

Tootles! <333


  1. Good luck getting your snatchbox examined tomorrow. My vagina lends its support

    omggg babygirl i love you`re outrageous comment`s! =D