Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cheesecake Day!

Today was definitely Cheesecake day today! I am so full, i could pop...

I had my gyno appointment in Boston this afternoon. Was  my first one, and definitely not as bad as a thought, which is great! Going back in 3 month`s. Needed to go on birth control for my heavy period problem, so no big deal!

Anyways back to the title... On they way home Mom and I stopped for dinner and some shopping at the South Shore Plaza. We went to my second favorite restaurant The Cheesecake Factory. I always get what I usually do. Parmesan Crusted Chicken with spaghetti. Then I did not have cheesecake right after, we did some shopping I got nothing cause I didn`t want to spend money, but it`s fun to walk around. So on the way out I ended up getting 4 piece`s of Cheesecake. I wanted to share with Paul and I walked a piece over to my Grammie`s. Mom had a Red Velvet Cheesecake said it was horrible. Now, I got some apple one, and it`s completely against my morals cause I ALWAYS get banana cream, but I have to say it was pretty damn good, and now my officially my 2nd favorite!!!! Paul ended up with the Banana so of course I did get a bit. Then Grammie got the tiramisu one, and she was happy I brought it over.

So after we ate we went shopping. Well funny thing. You know how they have those carts in the middle of the mall harassing people to buy cosmetic`s and such. Well they tried to talk my mom into $200 cream, that was "magical", it apparently would take away wrinkles, and everything you don`t like about you`re face FOREVER! I mean forever wow! If it was that good why wouldn`t it have a store, I mean please. Well they had this one cool thing, and no i did not buy it, but it was an eye shadow, add water it`s blush, add I forgot what she said it`s lipgloss, and add clear nail polish and you have that color nail polish. Weird you can put it all over you`re face and nails, oh well it was a fun adventure.

Hmm, I think that`s it. The Hills and The City is on tonight, woo!  I also have driving time tomorrow "supposedly" 1-3. I say supposedly because the guy I got to Mr. Lennon, is either 2 hrs late, or never comes! Here`s the example, I`m trying to get my license I only need to go with him 4 more times. So Friday I finally got time with him from 3-5, I was so happy. Well he called at 2 saying on a voicemail "if you can`t be ready in a half an hour we can`t go, call me back". So I did, he didn`t pick up, I called again and HIS PHONE WAS OFF! It stayed off the whole damn day, I was furious. He better not flake tomorrow... =]

Well, that`s it for today..


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