Sunday, September 27, 2009

First Post.

Ok, so the people reading this are probably my online friends or friends in real life, but for those who are new. Well first thanks for reading this and second I have so much to catch up on, I wish I had done this whole blog thing before, but I didn`t. I guess better late then never! =]

So I`m, Cassie well my name is Cassandra, but I don`t like being called that. I am 17 year`s old, and wanted to start this blog on my life being POST TRANSPLANT! I got 2 shiny new lungs January 22nd, 2009. I am a little over 8 month`s out!! woo hoo go me! I suffered from CF my whole life, and got listed last summer desperately in need of new lungs, and I got my wish! I know I should have started this blog pre TX, but I didn`t. I really wish I had, but I`m doing it now so it`s all good. As I post I will add more and more info, I just can`t add it all in one. You get the point though. =] ... Yes I do love my smiley face`s!

So today I was talking to a CF friend online and got to thinking. I get this guilt sometimes about me being alive and not other people. I think about my donor, their family, and the way my hospital works 2 people get called for the same pair of lungs. So today as I was chit chatting on my Facebook I was thinking what happened to the other person that got called to the hospital the same night as me? That person went to the hospital with the exact same feeling`s and hopes I did. The difference is I got the lungs that night and they didn`t. So I do know God meant those lungs for me, but still all I can do is hope and pray that person got their`s too! I also feel bad about other my other CF brother`s and sister`s, who don`t even get the chance at the life I got, but I do believe everything happens for a reason. I hope god has some reason for letting me live and not them....

Hm, what else can I talk about. OH! well I work at Target, first job ever and it pretty much sucks. I thought I really wanted a job, cause I could never have one, and I do, I just really don`t like working like every other person in this world lol. I`m a Cashier so it`s always super busy. The only reason I keep myself there is definitely the pay check`s. I also have some great friend`s that I work with. =] ... I have a funny story though.  The other day I was checking this ladies item`s out, there cat litter came up more then she expected. It was like a $10 difference, and I can`t change it without my supervisor. So I called her over the lady pretty much freaked out and blamed target for sucking, shove the cat litter to me and it ripped all over me, in my shoes, and the floor. Guess who had to clean it up? ME! Yupp, so Target always has a new adventure. I was also asked on Friday night to buy this boy`s condom`s haha. 

I want to apologize in advanced for this super long post, but hey it`s my first one!...

I suppose I should talk about my health somewhat. Well I`m at the point where I only need to go to the doctor`s once a month now. PFT`s and x-ray have been stable since TX!!! I have *knocks on wood tons* had no rejection or infection post TX. I feel better than I ever have, and can not be more happy. I do hate the meds with their weird side affect`s and all, but compared to the meds with CF this is a cake walk. Compared to live with CF this is like heaven. Dying with CF is really one of the most horrible things, and now that I know what it feels like to feel "normal" I realize even more how bad I did feel, and how other CFer`s fell! I say normal in quotation`s because to me my life is normal, but to other`s it may not be! I think it`s normal, i`m happy, that`s all that matter`s.

Ok back to life...
I went to the movies last night with one of my best friend`s Suzie, we saw Sorority Row and it was amazing! I do love my horror movie`s, but the best thing was THE NEW MOON MOVIE TRAILER! Yes, I am another crazed Twilight fan. I am so nuts I have my admission ticket to the new moon movie at midnight on November 19th! I am so pumped it`s crazy!

Well I`m off to relax. I`m working tomorrow 12-5, ew lol!

I also want to say to Bree me online friend that I hope you`re feeling great cause she was recently TX`d. 
Then to Courtney who was TX`d 2 days ago!!! Stay strong girl. =]

Goodnight. <333


  1. I think I am that fun online friend!!!!!!!

    So glad you started a blog. It has helped me so much and it feels great to possibly be able to help someone else out there that is going through the same shit ya know!!!!!!


  2. You were that online friend! =]

    Yeah, i like this whole blogging thing. I just need to get the hang of it, lol.

  3. WOO Thanks for the nod! i'm feeling excellent woman and im glad you're doing so well!Looking forward to many blog postings from you! And get your ass ready for Sweden 2011!

    That is all!